Real Estate Videos

Are you a realtor in Northwest Indiana looking to sell a property?  

Let Harvoth/McLindon Video be YOUR team!

According to a 2019 article on WordStream's online advertising site,
real estate listings that utilize video marketing receive
403% more inquiries than those without video!

Here's our breakdown...

$200 - $250

Listing Package

* Final price based on number of rooms / square footage of location.

- Drone footage of property location
- Realtor voice over
- On-Screen Graphics (company name, listing agent, price,  location, phone number, etc.)
- House walk-through with multiple camera angles
- Video editing and additional color correction



  • Photography: Edited pictures showcasing home / listing location (Additional $125)

  • On-Camera Introduction / Closing (Additional $25)

  • Multi-Listing package discounts are available! Call or e-mail us today for more information!


In response to the continued threat of Covid-19, Harvoth / McLindon Video, LLC. will be instituting temporary policies as well as taking the following precautions to ensure the safety of both our employees and clients;


  1. HMV videographers will wear protective gloves and masks while working on or in listing locations. 

  2. If listing property is currently inhabited, residents MUST leave the listing property entirely for the duration of the time HMV employees will be on site. 

  3. Realtors and agents MUST maintain a distance of 6 feet at all times if accompanying HMV employees. 

Sample Videos

155 East Elizabeth Dr. (Schererville, IN)
Commercial Building *Salon*
Listed By: Jim Samuelson

816 Daisy Circle (Demotte, IN)
Residential Home
Listed By: Kirsten Mayhew

1536 Muirfield Drive (Dyer, IN)
Residential Home
Listed By: Jim Samuelson

7919 W. 1400 North (Demotte, IN)
Residential Home
Listed By: Kirsten Mayhew

758 Medwin Way (Crown Point, IN)
Residential Home
Listed By: Scott Miller

6169 Broughton Ave. (Portage, IN)
Residential Home
Listed By: Konnor Gaskin

4329 Winesap Lane (Wheatfield, IN)
Residential Home
Listed By: Kirsten Mayhew

14785 W. 101st Ave (Dyer, IN)
Commercial Building
Listed By: Jim Samuelson

904 Harrison Place (Dyer, IN)
Residential Home
Listed By: Kirsten Mayhew

11109 Vermont Circle (Crown Point, IN)
Listed By: Ryan Midkiff

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